Karmancer - "Karma Enhancer" - Addon for Reddit

By /u/metabeing, creator of KarmaDecay.com and GifSound.com.  RES compatible (i)


- Links to Archive.org added on deleted/banned/private users and subs.
- Links to comments appear different if you visited them; distinguish which posts pages you viewed.
- /r/thebutton - Flairs visible anywhere on Reddit - even in robin chat.
- /r/thebutton - Click on any flair to show the numbers for all. IMG.

- Options and settings menu.
- Improvements to Reddit's layout to reduce clutter.
- Reverse image search link.
- Metric buttload more.
To request new features, join us at /r/karmancer.


User Script: karmancer.user.js (i)

1. Install Greasemonkey.
2. Install the user script above.

1. Install Tampermonkey.
2. Install the user script above.

Native Chrome Extension and Firefox Addon are coming soon - watch for announcements in /r/karmancer.

Bookmarklet: karmancer (i)

(Info about user scripts and bookmarklets.)

Grab it now!

Karmancer is 100% compatible with Reddit Enhancement Suite. I intend it to be a kind of unofficial RES expansion pack, adding features which RES alone is unlikely to ever get. I aim to be highly responsive to suggestions and release new features often. All features can be configured or disabled.

Join /r/karmancer for suggestions, questions, and announcements.